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Colwick Counseling specializes in many areas including childhood disorders, divorce, family conflict, parenting, and pre-marital counseling


There are different modalities of therapy for you as a client to choose from. Each can be beneficial in its own way. You are welcome to talk to Katrina about which one would fit your needs, or look at the descriptions below.


Individual Counseling - This is a personal session between the client and the therapist, in which challenges, emotions, and goals are discussed and worked though. This can be used for all age groups.


Couples Counseling – In this modality the couple and their relationship is the identified client. In this modality most sessions will involve both members of the couple and the therapist, however some individual sessions may be required in order to further the progress of the therapy.


Play Therapy - In Play Therapy the client expresses themselves through their play behavior and the toys become the client’s mode of communication. Play Therapy has been shown to be beneficial for children ages 3-10, as well as for some populations of teens and adults.


Activity Therapy - Activity Therapy is similar to Play Therapy, in which the client can use creative expressions as part of their therapeutic communication. Activities can include metaphors, art projects, and games, among others to facilitate the therapeutic process. This modality has been shown to be beneficial to pre-teens and teens, as well as some adult populations. This can be used in an individual session or in a group setting.


Family Sessions - In this modality the entire family will attend the sessions. Families are systems in which when one person changes the entire group must change as well to create balance. Family sessions can be beneficial to create change in the entire family, as well as to create open communications within its members. At times the therapist may request subgroups of the family to meet separately to enhance the therapeutic process.


Group Sessions - Group sessions consist of members who are gathered together around a similar topic. These can consist of issue, age, and gender among others. In group settings the clients are able to express themselves and their challenges, but also listen to others experiences. The group is able to grow and learn together. In groups both counseling and psycho-education is present in the sessions.

Life can be confusing, but Colwick Counseling can help with childhood disorders, divorce, family conflict, parenting, pre-marital counseling, and more
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